Purchase License (Remove Watermark)


Usage Terms and Conditions DMV Network hereby grants the client a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce the deliverable assets worldwide and in perpetuity as expressly permitted by the usage terms and conditions set forth herein:

SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING: License allows client rights to share images online.

3RD PARTY SELLING: License does not allow client rights to: Resell any deliverable assets to 3rd parties. This includes vendors, attendees, venues or contractors associated with the event.

An online gallery is provided after the event.  If the client/guests wishes to share that gallery with 3rd parties, those 3rd parties can purchase usage rights and/or prints directly from DMV Network from within the gallery.

BROADCAST / CABLE TV: License does not include use on publicly distributed broadcast or cable TV (including but not limited to TV commercials).

CINEMA / FILM: License does not include use within publicly distributed for-profit cinema or film.

* The client may request to purchase full copyright ownership of the delivered files/images even after fulfillment of the project. Pricing for copyrights may not be the same after completion of a project.

You will receive a digital file for each download you purchase. A download link will be sent to your email once you have completed your purchase.

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